Rainer Paananen was born in Tikkakoski, Finland, in 1990. He is Helsinki based visual artist and photographer who holds a MA in Photography at the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture as well as a BA in Fine Arts from the Turku University of Applied Sciences. 

He has recently exhibited his work in spaces such as Gallery V1 (Espoo, 2019), Galleria Lapinlahti (Helsinki, 2018), Photographic Centre Peri (Turku, 2017) and Cyclic Repetitions at Gallery Taik Persons (Berlin) in November 2018 among others.


Alongside his artistic work, Paananen works as a freelance photographer, focusing on high-quality portraits, bands and visuals. His photographs has been seen in several magazines such as Helsingin Sanomat, Metal Hammer and Soundi. Paananen is happily seeking collaborations at any time.



Helsinki, FI


Tel: +358407058684

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